Protect your family, friends and loved ones. Aqua-Net has been supplying swimming pool leaf covers, safety nets, solar blankets and roller systems for pools, ponds and spas since 1988. In that time we’ve helped thousands of property owners in Perth and around the country make their outdoor entertainment area safer and easier to manage. To ensure that you’re getting the most from your backyard, speak to our team today.

We are pleased to offer our products for sale Australia-wide. We only sell swimming pool covers (no chemicals, no accessories).
Aqua-Net specialises in three types of durable, quality, cheap pool covers:

  • Child Safety Nets (100% safety record)
  • Debris & Leaf Covers (customised to your pool)
  • Solar Swimming Pool Covers & rollers (Daisy Pool Blankets and Rollers are Australia's largest supplier)

We only supply the very best and go out of our way to source the highest-quality products while still offering cheap pool safety nets and leaf covers that everyone can afford. Our company strives to ensure our products are accessible to all Australian households and businesses.

Only the best products for sale

With nearly three decades of experience serving Australia from our Perth location, we have an in-depth understanding of your requirements and the best solution for your situation.

We are committed to providing a cheap, quality product that is excellent value for money and pride ourselves on superb customer service. Ensure that your family and guests are protected with our pool safety covers and nets. Drownings don't occur at the pool fence line, they occur in the water and a safety net provides a barrier between the child and the water.

Leaf and debris covers and solar pool blankets from our company save you money, preventing water evaporation and heating your pool naturally. That’s water you won’t have to pump in and electricity you won’t have to use, making this a cheap way to keep your pool costs down.

Contact us today and find out how our products for pools everywhere can save lives and dollars. Reach our Perth office by sending a message to aquanet@bigpond.com or through our contact form. Prefer to speak to our team directly? Call 08 9335 6986 or 0418 950 057 and we’ll answer any of your questions. 


We were the first company to introduce child safety nets to Australia. We are a Perth based family business that has been operating since 1988. We are committed to providing a quality product that is exceptional value and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. 

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